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Beloved TV judge announces cancer diagnosis—requests prayers from fans


Frank Caprio, the beloved former Rhode Island traffic judge and star of the popular TV show “Caught in Providence,” recently shared some personal news with his fans.

As he celebrated his 87th birthday in November, he announced in a Facebook video that he has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Caprio, known for his compassionate approach in the courtroom, where he often listened to the personal stories of those who appeared before him, said he wasn’t feeling well and went for a check-up. The results revealed his cancer diagnosis.

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Despite the seriousness of the situation, he remains optimistic and is currently receiving treatment in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. He praises his medical team, describing them as “wonderful.”

In his message, Caprio also expressed his belief in the power of prayer alongside medical treatment. He asked his fans and viewers to keep him in their thoughts and prayers, saying that it means a lot to him and would be a great support in his journey.

Local leaders in Rhode Island, including Mayor Brett Smiley, North Providence Mayor Charles Lombardi, and Congressman Gabe Amo, have voiced their support for Caprio, echoing his call for prayers and positive thoughts.

Photo Credit: www.wane.com

Caprio gained fame beyond the local community through his TV series, which went viral on social media. His unique approach to justice, often involving understanding and leniency towards those with genuine personal struggles, has made him a national figure.

He retired earlier this year from the Providence Municipal Court after nearly four decades of service. His career has been marked by empathy and a deep connection with the community, traits that have earned him widespread respect and admiration. As he faces this health challenge, he remains a beloved figure in Rhode Island and beyond.