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Rory Feek and his 8-year-old daughter Indy perform a lovely duet together—‘She was so proud of herself’


Rory Feek, a well-known country singer, and his daughter Indiana, fondly called Indy, have captured hearts with their musical bond.

From a tender age, Indy was a familiar presence on stage with her parents, Rory and Joey Feek. Tragically, Joey passed away from cervical cancer when Indy was just two, but the music didn’t stop for Rory and Indy.

Recently, Indy, now a little older, expressed her wish to perform with her father. Rory, thrilled by the idea, chose a special song for them – “Daddy What If” by Shel Silverstein, a song he holds dear and once taught to his oldest daughter, Heidi. To make it more personal, Rory adapted the lyrics, changing “Daddy” to “Papa,” as Indy affectionately calls him.

Dedicated to her new musical endeavor, Indy practiced diligently, filling her father with pride. Their efforts culminated in a memorable performance during a Christmas show, where they sang together in front of an adoring crowd. The father-daughter duo’s bond and talent left the audience deeply moved.

Inspired by the overwhelming response, Rory contemplated further celebrating this musical journey. He decided to record the song professionally and create a music video, releasing it in time for Father’s Day—a tribute to the loving bond he shares with his daughter.

Rory reflects on this journey with deep emotion. He thinks of his own father, Joey’s father Jack, his daughters Heidi and Hopie, and the privilege of being a father. He imagines Joey’s joy in seeing their daughter sing and grow, continuing the musical legacy in their family.

Their duet is not just a song but a testament to the enduring power of family, love, and music. It’s a touching reminder of the special bond between a father and daughter, and many eagerly await more heartwarming performances from Rory and Indy in the future.