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Val Kilmer’s children share photos, and his son looks exactly like him


Seeing celebrities with their families is always a delight, especially when their children are grown up and we can witness the parent-child relationship.

Val Kilmer’s kids have shown their love for their father through charming photos they shared on Instagram, showcasing their close bond.


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The sequel to the 1986 classic film, Top Gun: Maverick, has generated excitement among fans worldwide, eager to watch Tom Cruise reprise his role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell. The enthusiasm grew even more when it was announced that Val Kilmer would also return as his iconic character, Tom “Iceman” Kazansky, in the movie.

The actor, who has experienced health challenges in recent years, made a much-anticipated return to the screen, delighting fans with his appearance.

Val expressed enthusiasm about reuniting with Tom Cruise, saying it felt as if no time had passed between them. The actor’s return was particularly significant due to his recent health struggles.


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Arguably, no one was more excited about Val Kilmer’s comeback than his children, Mercedes and Jack. They celebrated the release of the film, with Mercedes sharing pictures from the set of the movie on social media.

In the photo, Mercedes and Jack are seen wearing pilot hats, with Jack sporting aviator sunglasses. Jack bears a striking resemblance to a youthful Val Kilmer. The final photo displays a heartwarming cuddle between father and daughter, likely shared by Mercedes with her dad while he was working. It’s touching to see the children visiting their father on set and witnessing his talent up close.

Jack’s similarity to his well-known dad is remarkable. Val has faced health challenges in recent years, and although his condition has improved, further progress is hoped for.

It’s truly heartwarming to witness the strong connection Val shares with his kids. Our best wishes for health and happiness go out to Val Kilmer and his loved ones!