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‘Brady Bunch’ star Eve Plumb appears to be in great shape at the age of 64—see her today


Eve Plumb, best recognized for her portrayal of Jan Brady in the classic TV show “The Brady Bunch,” continues to captivate fans despite her attempts to move away from the character. As Jan, the middle child, she struggled with insecurities and always felt overshadowed by her older sister, Marcia.

Now 64, Plumb recently appeared on the red carpet, stunning fans with her updated look. While her career has encompassed various roles, her iconic performance as Jan Brady remains a cherished part of her legacy.


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Eve Plumb was born on April 29, 1958, in Burbank, California, and started her acting journey early in life with TV commercials and appearances in shows like Lassie. She didn’t intend to become a child star; it happened serendipitously when a children’s agent moved in next door.

From 1969 to 1974, Plumb portrayed Jan Brady in “The Brady Bunch,” which has since become an iconic TV show. Jan’s character represented the challenges and insecurities faced by many adolescents, often feeling left out or envious of her siblings. A memorable and often-imitated episode featured Jan inventing a fictional boyfriend named “George Glass.”

“The Brady Bunch” enjoyed success during its original run and gained even more popularity in syndication. After the show’s conclusion, Plumb took on guest roles in various sitcoms and played a teenage prostit**e in the TV film “Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway” and its sequel.


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However, Plumb faced challenges in the entertainment industry as she transitioned from a child star to adult roles, with many still associating her with Jan Brady. In an interview with Closer, she mentioned the difficulties of aging out of the “cute kid” phase and finding a new path in showbiz.

Plumb was hesitant to continue as Jan Brady and was the only cast member who did not participate in “The Brady Bunch Hour,” a variety show. She was replaced by Geri Reischl, who became known as “Fake Jan.” In a 1977 interview with the Journal Tribune, Plumb expressed her gratitude for her time on “The Brady Bunch,” but emphasized her desire to explore other opportunities and establish her individuality.

Despite her initial reluctance, Plumb reprised her role as Jan Brady in the 1981 special “The Brady Girls Get Married,” which eventually led to the sitcom “The Brady Brides.”

“Naturally, I was surprised when they approached me to play Jan again,” Plumb told  The Hollywood Reporter in 1981. “I debated with myself whether I should or shouldn’t. But it was such a new and contemporary idea that I decided to go ahead.”


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Eve Plumb has pursued diverse acting opportunities beyond her Brady Bunch fame, including theater productions, a guest role on “Law and Order: SVU,” and playing Mrs. Murdoch in “Grease Live.” Additionally, she has found success as a painter. Plumb has come to terms with the fact that she will always be primarily associated with Jan Brady.

In an interview with Closer, she acknowledged her lasting connection to the character, stating, “I’ll always be Jan Brady to so many people. I can’t escape it, but I can do other things,” and humorously questioned, “Isn’t [Jan] dead yet?”

Eve Plumb, now 64 and soon to turn 65, remains active and continues to impress fans with her timeless charm. Recently, she attended the premiere of “Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies,” sporting a new short hairstyle. Fans have taken to social media to praise her incredible appearance.

Eve Plumb’s portrayal of Jan Brady in “The Brady Bunch” remains beloved by many. If you were a fan of the show, consider sharing this story to celebrate her ongoing success and enduring appeal.