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Brave marine jumps on grenade to save fellow soldier awarded Medal of Honor


William Kyle Carpenter is an American hero who achieved the rank of Lance Corporal in the US Marines at the young age of 21. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 to serve in the war.

During a battle, Kyle and a fellow Marine were engaged in combat when a grenade suddenly landed near them. Kyle acted quickly without hesitation and jumped into action.


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He made a split-second decision to shield his friend from the grenade by using his own body as protection. This heroic act demonstrated Kyle’s unwavering strength, but unfortunately, it had life-altering consequences.

Kyle’s selfless sacrifice caused him to sustain severe injuries from the blast. He was hit with shrapnel that caused damage to his body and his skull and face bones were broken.

Moreover, Kyle’s jaw was partially missing, one of his lungs collapsed, and he was declared as P.E.A(patient expired on arrival) upon his return to Camp Bastion.

Kyle had to undergo forty surgeries in the following two years after serving in the military. He was honored with the Purple Heart and the Medal of Honor by President Obama. Currently, Kyle is no longer serving in the military and is studying at the University of South Carolina. He is a genuine American hero. To know more about his story, watch the video below.