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Celine Dion shows up at a Las Vegas hockey match, seen in new pictures for the first time in over three years


Celine Dion, the world-famous singer known for her powerful voice, had been away from the public eye for a while. She had been quietly dealing with a tough health issue called Stiff Person Syndrome, which had been making her muscles act up.

But recently, Celine made a heartwarming return! She decided to pop into the T-Mobile Arena, where she got to see a thrilling hockey game. It was a special match for her because her beloved team from back home, the Montreal Canadiens, were playing.


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What made the day even more special was what happened after the game. Even though her team didn’t win, Celine spent time in the locker room with the Canadiens. She was all smiles, taking photos and sharing moments with everyone. These new photos were a treat for her fans, as it had been over three years since they got to see her like this.

One of the team’s big bosses, Chantal Machabée, shared a happy snapshot with Celine. She thanked the singer for being so kind and said the whole team was excited to meet her and her family.

Coach Martin St. Louis even had a nice chat with Celine in French. They talked about a special memory from her teenage years when she sang for the Pope. They joked about how they’ve both changed a little since then.

Back in December 2022, Celine had shared a very personal video with her fans. She told them about her diagnosis and how it was affecting her life, making it hard for her to walk and sing. Because of this, she had to cancel her shows for 2023.


Seeing Celine looking happy and spending time with her favorite hockey team has got everyone cheering for her. She’s shown a lot of courage and spirit, and it’s clear she has a lot of fans wishing her the best and hoping she feels good every day.