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Childhood bully asks violinist to play at her wedding for free, gets surprising response


Tiffany Moore, an accomplished violinist with nearly two decades of experience, recently shared a powerful story of confronting her childhood bully.

The woman who once tormented Tiffany for her love of music reached out with an unexpected request: she wanted Tiffany to play at her wedding—for free.


The message from her former bully began with fake friendliness: “Hey girl!!! It’s been forever,” she wrote. “I’m getting married, and I totally want you to play violin for my ceremony in October. It would be the perfect gift, PLUS you could use the photos and videos to build your performance portfolio! Win-win!”

Tiffany, a seasoned professional with 19 years in the wedding industry, didn’t need to build a portfolio. Her resume includes teaching various instruments, voice coaching, and songwriting. She has been recognized multiple times by The Knot, a top wedding vendor marketplace.


Tiffany’s response was direct and firm. She reminded her former bully of their past and the value of her services. “Hello. It’s 1. Rather bold of you to assume that I’d gift you a $2,500 service. 2. You bullied me relentlessly in middle school for being in [the] orchestra. 3. Build my portfolio? You may not realize I’ve been recognized by The Knot and Wedding Wire 6 years in a row,” she wrote. “My ‘portfolio’ dates back to age 12. I’ve been in the wedding industry for 19 years.”

The bride-to-be didn’t take Tiffany’s response well, calling her services “overpriced” and asking for a special discount. She even tried to play on Tiffany’s sympathy, saying she wanted to leave the past behind and be friends. Tiffany wasn’t swayed. “I already have friends, thanks. I don’t have time to entertain your ignorance,” she replied. She emphasized that her services are a luxury, chosen by clients who value her expertise and professionalism.


Despite Tiffany’s clear refusal, the bride persisted, offering $1,000 and arguing that Tiffany would get major exposure at her wedding. Tiffany declined again, humorously suggesting the bride charge her 300 guests a $5 entertainment fee to cover the cost. She finished with a line from Phoebe Buffay: “I wish I could, but I don’t want to.”

The bride’s response turned nasty. “Well well well, who’s the mean girl now, b**ch?! Go cry about not being able to pay your bills because you’re too greedy. Besides, you’re not even worth it and you suck!”


Tiffany’s retort was just as sharp. “Ugh, I’m devastated,” she wrote. “But I’m out of tissues so I have to wipe my tears with the tip money I got from my clients this weekend.”

The exchange quickly went viral on social media, with many people applauding Tiffany for standing up for herself. “Why do people feel that artist need to donate their art for exposure? It doesn’t make sense. You dedicate yourself to learning and perfecting something and it’s valuable. Exposure doesn’t pay the bills,” commented one supporter.

In an update, Tiffany mentioned that her former bully had threatened legal action after seeing the screenshots online. However, Tiffany wasn’t worried, as she had never mentioned the woman’s name.

“Clearly, 7 million of you care about the bully situation,” Tiffany wrote on her Instagram stories. “Thank you for the kind comments and show of support. When one person stands up to a bully, we all feel vindicated.”