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Curious mouse found unconscious on its back after eating cannabis leaves


In a charming story from New Brunswick, Canada, where cannabis is legal, a little mouse turned into quite the sensation.

Farmers often worry about creatures nibbling on their crops, but this mouse found itself in a unique predicament after feasting on cannabis leaves.

Colin Sullivan, the farmer, noticed the tiny rodent happily munching on his plants for two days. Surprisingly, the mouse ended up “stoned,” lying on its back amidst a pile of leaves, completely passed out.

Colin took the mouse under his care, humorously referring to it as a “little pothead” and even jesting about its need for a “stern talking to.” He placed the mouse in a cage to recover from its unexpected adventure. After a six-day “detox,” the lively mouse was ready to return to the wild, having overcome what Colin playfully described as a battle with addiction.

The story of the “stoner mouse” quickly went viral, capturing hearts and sparking laughter online. Colin’s posts about the mouse’s journey to sobriety were filled with clever puns and warm humor. He shared updates about the mouse’s progress, including its gradual weaning off the cannabis leaves and its final release back into nature.

Colin’s compassion didn’t just extend to the mouse. He shared a touching tribute to his wife, Robyn, crediting her with helping him stay sober. This beautiful message resonated with many, turning a funny tale about a mouse into a heartwarming story of recovery and support.

Cannabis may be legal in New Brunswick, with specific rules for its use, but this little mouse’s adventure reminds us of the unexpected and often humorous ways nature interacts with human creations.