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The ‘World’s most modified man’ took off two fingers to look more like a ‘Black Alien’


Tattoos and piercings have been a common way for people to express themselves, either to remember loved ones or just as a form of art. However, 34-year-old Anthony Loffredo from France has taken body modifications to a new level.

Known as “Black Alien,” Anthony has made extreme changes to his appearance. He has cropped his ears, split his tongue, got subdermal implants on his forehead, and even tattooed his entire face black.


The human body is a marvel. It has the magical ability to heal itself, making us feel as if there’s a miraculous machine within us. Anthony Loffredo, known as “Black Alien,” aptly captures this sentiment.

National Geographic highlights some astounding facts about our body: even when we sleep, our brain is bustling with activity, more so than when we’re awake. We emit a faint light, invisible to our eyes. Messages travel through our nerves at speeds of nearly 248 mph. And astonishingly, our noses can potentially detect up to a trillion distinct smells.

The wonders of the human body are often beyond our comprehension. From the evolutionary gift of having five fingers and toes on each limb to the intricate balance of biological systems, it’s nothing short of remarkable. The precision and design in our anatomy seem almost calculated.


Yet, while nature has shaped us over eons, some individuals wish to reshape themselves even further. Body modifications have become a way for many to express their identity or aesthetic choices. Among them, Anthony Loffredo, also known as “Black Alien,” is capturing significant attention. After years of numerous modifications, his appearance today leans more towards the extraterrestrial than the terrestrial. Curious about his journey and the latest, most striking modification? Let’s dive deeper into his story.

Anthony, popularly known as “Black Alien”, wasn’t always as unique as he is today. His younger brother, Andy, traces back Anthony’s passion for body modification to his teenage years, when Anthony was deeply engrossed in bodybuilding. For Anthony, bodybuilding was an introduction to body transformation, as he observed muscles expanding and changing shape.

Starting from a young age, 10 to be precise, he avidly followed bodybuilders online, witnessing their physical evolutions. By his 20s, Anthony was working as a security guard, a far cry from the world of body modification. But he felt unfulfilled and yearned for a life that resonated more with his passions.

Choosing a drastic change, Anthony said, “I stopped everything at 24 and left for Australia. It has become normal, even unconscious, to constantly think about my plans [for the body modification] for the next few months,” he said, adding that he loves to get into the shoes of a “scary character.”

In the shadowed alleys at night, Anthony, often immerses himself in a character, enjoying the stark contrast between his alter ego and his true self. After spending time in Australia, he returned to France with a mission: to reinvent his body. Over the span of four years, his transformation was both bold and extensive, although he believes he could have pushed even further.

Loffredo’s journey to become the “Black Alien” is his life’s project, and the results of his commitment are turning heads everywhere.

Within just four years, he has made some astounding changes: intricate black line tattoos cover his body, his face is entirely tattooed in black, his tongue has been split resembling that of a lizard, and perhaps most strikingly, he has tattooed his eyes black.

Apart from the striking tattoos, Loffredo’s body has been sculpted through surgical modifications that further enhance his otherworldly appearance. He’s had dermal implants inserted into his head, creating an alien-reptilian contour. His ears have been completely removed, and dermal piercings accentuate his nose, brow, and chin. In a particularly eye-catching move, he has carved out parts of his cheeks, leaving them looking like vibrant pink lightning bolts.

However, one of his most dramatic modifications, removing his nose, couldn’t be done in France due to legal restrictions. Determined, Loffredo traveled to Spain for the procedure. After the operation, he expressed his gratitude on Instagram, saying, “Thank you to you, @oscarmarquezbodymod you will have marked my life. Now I can walk with my head high, thanks to you. I am proud of what we did together.”

Earlier in the year, Loffredo underwent another drastic change by having his upper lip removed. Yet, this is just the beginning. The “Black Alien” recently unveiled his new “alien claw”, marking another phase in his transformative journey.

Remarkably, Loffredo states that he’s only completed 34% of his envisioned metamorphosis.

Through the ‘Black Alien Project’ on Instagram, Loffredo keeps a vast audience updated on his journey. Currently, he boasts an impressive following of over 850,000 enthusiasts, many of whom are both shocked and captivated by the extremes he is prepared to embrace.

As for what the future holds, Loffredo has visions that might sound almost fantastical. He aspires to replace his natural skin with metal. Additionally, he harbors ambitions of modifying not just his facial features, but also his arms, legs, fingers, and the rear of his head. With his recent advancements, it’s evident he’s committed to realizing this dream.

Recently, Black Alien showcased his new “alien claw”, a modification that involved removing two of his fingers. The response on social media has been mixed. While many admire his audacity, others ponder the reasons behind such drastic choices.

Intriguingly, despite his out-of-this-world appearance, Loffredo says his unique look hasn’t deterred romantic interests. And while his appearance might be unsettling to some, his family remains firmly behind him.

Highlighting this support, on UK Mother’s Day, he posted a touching photo with his mother that garnered thousands of likes. In the accompanying caption, “Mum tells them it’s not true – she doesn’t have nightmares when she looks at me,” he wrote in the caption. “I manage to put a smile on your face, and that for me is one of my best victories. A mother never judges her son.”

With dreams beyond Montpellier, France, Black Alien, aka Anthony Loffredo, envisioned traveling across Europe. His aspiration wasn’t just sightseeing; he was keen to gauge reactions to his unique appearance and record them. Alongside this, he has shown interest in the specialized area of eyeball tattooing.

Reflecting on his journey, Loffredo stands firm in his choices, noting, “My only regret would be that I didn’t do it.” As of September, he disclosed that he’s roughly a third of the way through his transformative “Black Alien Project.” While his next steps remain a mystery, it’s certain that Loffredo will persist in captivating global attention with his evolving look. His end vision is highly anticipated.

However, due to certain surgeries being illegal in France, Loffredo relocated to the culturally rich city of Barcelona, Spain. Embracing the city’s diverse populace, he shared, “There are people of all ancestry here, and I like it.” Unsurprisingly, his appearance often prompts second glances from intrigued passersby.

Loffredo is grappling with the practical challenges his distinctive appearance presents, particularly in the job market. His extensive tattoos and body modifications have unfortunately made securing stable employment an uphill battle. Loffredo has frequently expressed his frustrations, emphasizing the negative perceptions linked to his chosen appearance.

What’s your take on Anthony “Black Alien” Loffredo? Do you feel he has gone to extremes, or should we embrace such body modifications as a natural expression of individuality? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so drop a comment below.

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