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Dad and twin sons cut enough firewood to fill 80 trucks and gave it all away to those in need


Service to humanity is service to God. When I was young, my brother Max told me that a hand that gives never lacks. He taught me that there are miracles in giving. His teaching about doing good toward the needy showed me that there are things in life that others need more than we do.

Do you believe in giving without expecting anything in return? Are you philanthropic enough to light the world of the monetary humble with good deeds? Good stories of giving, dining, and helping the needy melt everyone’s hearts.

A father with a big heart and twin sons split firewood enough to fill 80 trucks. They gave them out to people who needed them most.

Shane and his twin sons, Harrison and Henry, had a good time collecting firewood. This is a tradition that Shane took from his father when he was a child. He wished to pass it on to his sons. The twins were embracing that culture and were always with him, collecting firewood.

One day, the family from Lake Stevens, Washington, had their work cut out for them in the aftermath of a big storm.

Shane says they had a lot of wood to cut because the storm had damaged so many trees. It piled up and piled up. They decided that since there was so much wood, they could do something better with it.

The family had a meeting and made a philanthropic decision to give away the wood to the people who needed it most. The Northwest part of the Pacific is cold, so people stopped to buy firewood before they began to give it away.

Their project lasted from March to October 2018, during which Shane, Henry, and Harrison cut enough firewood to fill 80 trucks.

Shane took to Facebook to make a collection request. They had gathered more firewood than they could handle.

Shane’s post drew a lot of attention. Most people loved the family’s generosity. Some even volunteered to help distribute the firewood to those who couldn’t come.

Shane says it is a good feeling when you help people because people don’t forget even the little things you do for them.

What a wonderful way to show love! A compassionate way to help a community as a whole.

Could we try to help people in need? It is a brilliant idea.