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Father desires a son, becomes furious when revealed his wife is pregnant with girl triplets—’all three shot out pink!’


In a recent turn of events, a mother-to-be shared a heart-wrenching story on Reddit, seeking advice for a challenging situation with her husband. This young woman, 27, found herself in a distressing predicament due to her husband’s reaction to the gender of their unborn triplets – all girls.

The couple’s journey began with joy but soon encountered tragedy. They were ecstatic when they first discovered they were expecting a boy, but their happiness turned to sorrow when the baby was stillborn. This loss deeply affected both, but they supported each other and gradually found solace.


Their joy rekindled when they learned of the triplets. Expecting the babies brought them closer, with the husband being particularly attentive. However, the gender reveal party, meant to be a celebration, took an unexpected turn.

As pink confetti filled the air, symbolizing the arrival of three daughters, the husband’s reaction was one of anger and despair. He accused his wife of being responsible for their first son’s stillbirth and refused to form a bond with their daughters.


The situation escalated when the husband, unable to accept the reality of having daughters, became increasingly hostile and distant. The wife, deeply hurt and concerned for her daughters’ well-being, is contemplating divorce. She fears raising her children in a loveless environment and is uncertain about her future, especially being financially dependent on her husband.

Reddit users rallied around her, offering support and advice. Many stressed the importance of safety, highlighting the potential for his anger to escalate. They reminded her that her husband’s accusations and behavior were unjustifiable and urged her to prioritize her and her children’s well-being.

This story sheds light on the challenges of dealing with gender expectations and the impact of grief on relationships. It also underscores the importance of support and understanding in times of distress. The woman’s dilemma, shared with the online community, has sparked a conversation about family dynamics, gender biases, and the complexities of coping with loss and disappointment.

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