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Foster child is adopted 7 years after an apartment fire left him with severe burns


In Missouri, a young child named Deyvion experienced a harrowing escape from a devastating apartment fire while he was an infant.

Despite suffering severe burns that marred his face, Deyvion’s resilience and fighting spirit saw him through a challenging recovery in a specialized burn unit.

This journey of healing was remarkable not only for the physical hurdles he overcame but for the solitude he faced, with no immediate family to comfort him during his most vulnerable moments.

Deyvion’s life took a heartwarming turn when Beth Plunkett, a compassionate single mother of two, decided to foster Deyvion when he was 5 years old. Speaking to WGN9 News, Plunkett expressed her immediate bond with Deyvion, saying, “I thought he was a beautiful little boy, and I fell in love with him very quickly.” She humbly dismissed accolades directed at her, insisting, “I’m just as equally lucky to have him.”

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After spending 2,545 days longing for a permanent home, Deyvion’s life was forever changed when he was officially adopted by Plunkett. Her aspirations for him are simple yet profound: happiness, love, and the pursuit of his dreams.

“God definitely has an awesome plan for him,” Plunkett stated, reflecting on Deyvion’s bright future.

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Deputy Chief Eric Smith and his team from the South Metro Fire Department in Raymore commemorated Deyvion’s adoption day by gifting him a custom jacket and hat, and even a memorable ride in a fire truck to the courthouse to finalize the adoption.

Smith, reflecting on the significance of their shared history, remarked, “He’s extremely special. We don’t always understand why things happen, but we do now.”

Facebook/ Collectif des Abandonnés, Adoptés, indépendants.
Deyvion’s story is one of unimaginable adversity met with unparalleled love and support from both his new family and the community heroes who saved his life. Please share this inspiring journey with your friends on Facebook to spread positivity and hope.

Source: WGN9 News