Home News Hayden Panettiere’s younger brother Jansen dies aged 28—rest in peace

Hayden Panettiere’s younger brother Jansen dies aged 28—rest in peace


Reports indicate that Jansen Panettiere, who is the brother of the famous actress Hayden Panettiere from Nashville, has passed away at the young age of 28.

The sad incident is said to have occurred in New York City over the weekend. While the cause of his death is still unknown at the time of writing, sources have informed TMZ that there is currently no suspicion of any criminal activity.

Jansen was an actor who appeared in movies and TV shows like The X’s, Tiger Cruise, and The Walking Dead. He was also in Disney Channel and Nickelodeon films and was nominated for a Young Artist Award in 2008.

The cause of his death has not been revealed, but it is not believed to be foul play. Just three weeks before his death, Jansen posted a picture on Instagram of his sister, actress Hayden Panettiere, cutting his hair, with a caption: “Not the first haircut she’s tried to give me.”

An unnamed source told the Daily Mail that Jansen had been facing difficulties in his profession recently. The insider mentioned that Jansen was pulled in different directions, which took a toll on him.

Jansen’s passing has deeply affected his sister, Hayden, as he was not only her sibling but also her closest friend. The source described Jansen as a kind-hearted person but someone who lived life with a sense of risk.

“He had been having a rough time lately with his career and he was dragged in so many directions,” the source said. “Hayden is just inconsolable. He was her best friend and her only brother. He was such a nice guy but he lived on the edge.”

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