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People criticize 76-year-old Susan Sarandon’s clothes—but she had a perfect comeback


Susan Sarandon is a legendary actress known not just for her powerful performances, but also for her fearless voice off-screen. While she’s had a remarkable journey in Hollywood, starring in films like the cult favorite “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and the iconic “Thelma & Louise,” it’s not just her acting that makes headlines.

Her bold choices often lead to public scrutiny, but she never hesitates to stand her ground. She received multiple accolades throughout her career, including an Academy Award win for “Dead Man Walking.” Whether on-screen or off, Sarandon remains a force to be reckoned with.

People criticize 76-year-old Susan Sarandon's clothes—but she had a perfect comeback

Sarandon has always championed body positivity and the freedom to express oneself through fashion. True to her unapologetic nature, Sarandon has never shied away from making bold fashion choices. At a particular red carpet event, she opted for a white jacket paired with a visible black bra. This daring choice didn’t sit well with everyone, with one journalist even labeling it as “totally inappropriate.” But, as history has shown, Sarandon has always stayed true to herself, regardless of public opinion.

Sarandon, always one to make a statement, responded to critics not with words but with an image. She posted a vintage photo of herself confidently donning her underwear, reinforcing the age-old adage: a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Her post silenced those who tried to define what was ‘suitable’ for her.

For Sarandon, age is just a number. She focuses on the essence of life and the moments that truly matter. Reflecting on the passage of time in an interview, she mentioned, “When your sense of time has an ending and isn’t finite, like how it feels when you’re young. When you have an understanding that time is precious—you have a tendency not to waste energy on the small stuff and only to surround yourself with people who are vital, curious, brave, and adventurous.” Sarandon’s words and actions alike inspire many to live authentically.

Photo by Alessio Botticelli/GC Images

Susan Sarandon has a simple yet effective philosophy for aging gracefully. She believes in the power of laughter, a balanced diet, moderate exercise, and avoiding excessive sun exposure. However, she also humorously credits her fabulous makeup and hair team for her ageless beauty.

Sarandon truly is a unique force in Hollywood. She dances to her own tune and remains unfazed by critics. Her response to naysayers is a testament to her strong-willed personality. What are your thoughts on her clap-back? Drop your opinions below!

And if you know someone facing criticism, share Susan’s story with them. It might just inspire them to handle negativity with grace and wit!