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Tori Spelling takes kids to urgent care following big family health scare


Tori Spelling, the well-known actress from the popular show 90210, used to have a glamorous life, thanks to her millionaire father who was a television producer. However, recent events suggest that she has been facing some challenges.

Spelling often shares her personal life on social media, and in her recent posts, she has discussed the difficulties her family is experiencing. She even mentioned a situation that led her to visit urgent care with her children, revealing the not-so-glamorous side of her life.


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Tori Spelling recently shared on social media that she had to rush her two youngest children to urgent care after they fell ill. She expressed her concern about her family’s ongoing health issues, calling it a “continual spiral of sickness.”

The cause of their health problems turned out to be mold in the house they were renting. Spelling discussed how the mold had made everyone in the family sick, and she realized something more serious was happening when her youngest children, aged 10 and 6, were too unwell to attend school and felt dizzy even while standing. This revelation prompted her to reassess the situation and seek urgent care for her children.

Tori Spelling revealed that after an inspection discovered mold in their home, she understood why her family had been constantly falling ill. The symptoms they experienced were similar to allergies, with her children feeling dizzy and having difficulty standing up.

Spelling thanked the inspector who found the mold and shared her family’s experience dealing with mold-related health issues. These included recurring infections, respiratory problems, allergy-like symptoms, and skin rashes. She recounted a visit to urgent care, where her child Finn was diagnosed with strep throat and a high fever of 103 degrees.


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“Thx to Sean at Pacific Scope Inspections who came out and discovered extreme mold in our home 😱. The pieces all started to fall into place. Has anyone ever been thru Mold Infections? You just keep getting sick, one infection after another. Respiratory infections. Extreme allergy like symptoms too and like my poor Finn skin rashes as well. As we sit here today in Urgent Care … watching everyone getting swabbed and first up Finn with Strep throat ✅and high fever of 103,” she shared further.

Tori expressed her frustration over the mold issue that had affected her family’s health and taken over their lives. She confirmed that their rented home was a health hazard and that they would have to move as soon as possible.

Spelling shared that it would be challenging to relocate a large family, especially while everyone was feeling unwell, but they planned to find temporary accommodation through Airbnb, VRBO, or a hotel. As renters, she was grateful for their renters’ insurance, which would help them handle the situation. Spelling also asked if anyone else had experienced mold-related health issues, noting that her online research revealed it was sadly quite common.


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Over the past few months, Tori Spelling has been open about the numerous visits she and her family have made to doctors. In January, her daughter Stella was diagnosed with hemiplegic migraine, adding to the already challenging situation as both Liam and Beau were hospitalized for separate illnesses that same month.

Spelling expressed her frustration on Instagram, sharing that her third child had been admitted to the hospital, making it the third hospitalization within two weeks. She posted a photo of her son Liam wearing a hospital bracelet and expressed her exhaustion with the caption, “3rd child in the hospital in 2 weeks… wtf.” She further disclosed that she had spent her morning at the hospital with her youngest child and now found herself at the emergency room with one of her older children later that night.

Before the holidays last year, Tori Spelling herself had been hospitalized due to episodes of dizziness and breathing difficulties. Fortunately, the family caught the problem early, preventing it from escalating further.

We extend our well wishes to the Spelling family and hope for their speedy recovery. Please share this update with others who may be interested in knowing about their health situation.