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Rumer Willis faces backlash over breastfeeding photo—but her reply is spot-on


Rumer Willis, daughter of famous actors Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, recently became a mom. For her 35th birthday, she shared a touching photo on Instagram where she’s feeding her baby, Louetta. Rumer used this post to talk about her first year as a mom and the beautiful journey of motherhood.

In the photo, she’s feeding her baby, Louetta, and she mentioned feeling her most beautiful as a mother. However, a fan questioned why she posted this personal moment. Rumer replied confidently, celebrating the beauty and strength of being a mom. She said she’s in her “Hot Mom” phase and her words touched not just other moms, but many of her followers.

Rumer celebrated her body’s changes after giving birth, stating how proud she was of its capability to create life. Rumer highlighted her appreciation for her changed physique, especially her breasts, which not only nourish her daughter, Louetta, but also serve as a comfy pillow during their shared sleep moments. She emphasized viewing these changes as gifts rather than flaws.


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Rumer Willis, on turning 35, posted a sunburnt photo of herself on Instagram, feeding her daughter, Lou. Interestingly, it was on her last birthday when she found out she was expecting. Motherhood has given Rumer newfound confidence and comfort in her own skin. Now at 35, while celebrating her journey as a woman and a mother, she expressed her desire to let go of anything that doesn’t positively serve her or her daughter.

The photo Rumer shared has led to a mix of reactions on Instagram. When asked by a follower, “Why?” she simply replied, “Because I want to.” While many celebrated her openness, others believed such intimate moments should stay private. One user commented, “We have all done this. But not on social media. I value my child’s bonding rather than my vanity. It’s an important act. Pay attention.”

While Some didn’t approve, with one user stating, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Obviously you put it out there so you knew you’d get opinions. I love your father but I don’t like this. That’s my opinion.”


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However, many supported Rumer’s decision to share such a moment. One supporter commented, “Thank you for such a beautiful post… I’m glad all the negative naysayers aren’t getting in your way…imagine if people only responded with positivity and niceness…our world would be such a beautiful place and everyone could be proud of being human.”

Rumer Willis responded to the varied feedback on her post by emphasizing the significance of promoting a positive body image.

She said, “There is an incredible amount of shame that comes with being born into a female body, and I want to lead by example. Teaching my daughter that she doesn’t have to be ashamed of her body ever, and she decides how she wants to share it.”

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