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High school football coach cancels practice and instructs players to shovel elderly neighbors’ driveways instead


In light of an impending winter storm that was forecasted to bring several inches of snow to western Pennsylvania, the high school football team at Bethel Park High School made the decision to cancel practice.

Instead, Coach Brian DeLallo encouraged his players to give back to their community by identifying elderly or disabled neighbors in need and offering to clear their driveways of snow.

As he sat on his couch getting ready to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers game, DeLallo, the head coach of the Bethel Park football team, sent out a tweet canceling Monday’s workout.

He explained to KDKA that this tradition of performing acts of kindness was something that had been instilled by the previous coach and he was simply continuing it. With over six inches of snow falling in Bethel Park, the team decided to put this tradition into action.

Junior and team captain, Gavin Moul, shared that the residents were surprised by the team’s selfless act and some even refused their offer, insisting that they didn’t want any form of payment.

The team of young men from Bethel Park High School spent the day clearing dozens of driveways in their community, bringing joy and relief to many residents, including 83-year-old Danny Varhola. He expressed his gratitude for the team’s hard work and mentioned that his own son had played football at the high school in the 80s.

Coach DeLallo and team Junior captain Moul both emphasized the importance of connecting with the community and the positive impact it has on the team as a whole, stating that it is a valuable experience beyond physical strength and athleticism.

I am truly impressed by this initiative. It is a wonderful way to make a positive impact on your community. I hope the young men involved in this program not only benefited physically but also gained valuable life experiences.