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Student with Down Syndrome makes history by being first to graduate from his college


Last year, people were reminded not to judge others based on their appearance, as many individuals demonstrated that they can overcome obstacles and achieve great things.

Dylan Kuehl, a resident of Olympia, Washington, had a lifelong ambition to graduate from college, but his journey towards that goal was challenging due to his Down syndrome. Despite this, he persevered and worked towards his dream.

Student with Down Syndrome makes history by being first to graduate from his college
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Dylan had a tougher time than most people when it came to graduating from college. Despite facing discouragement from others during the application process, he remained determined and worked hard to achieve his goal. Dylan is now a graduate of The Evergreen State College, where he was one of three students selected to speak at graduation out of a class of 900.

Throughout his journey, Dylan found support and encouragement from the people he surrounded himself with. He made sure to acknowledge them in his graduation speech. In addition to his academic pursuits, Dylan enjoys painting and dancing. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in writing.

Dylan accomplished a historic feat by becoming the first person with Down Syndrome to complete his college degree. He graduated from his college, which has been around for 51 years, setting an inspiring example for other students with disabilities who aspire to earn their college degrees.

In his speech, Dylan expressed his gratitude to all those who helped him achieve his dream, including his family, friends, classmates, and faculty members. He acknowledged that his success was the result of his hard work, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to his goal.

He expressed gratitude towards his college for giving him the opportunity to pursue higher education, emphasizing the importance of inclusivity in education. However, he emphasized that his achievements were a result of his own efforts and perseverance. He hopes that his story will motivate individuals who come from similar backgrounds as him to pursue their dreams of attending college and obtaining a degree.

What an inspiring young man! We wish Dylan all the best in the future.