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Husband and wife who have been married for 60 years recreate their wedding photos for their anniversary


As a way to celebrate their anniversary—an elderly couple who has been married for 60 years decided to recreate their cute wedding photos.

Marvin Stone and Lucille Stone got married in 1960 in a small Lutheran church in Sterling, Nebraska.

In 2020, the couple chose to celebrate their wedding anniversary with a beautiful photo shoot.

According to photographer Katie Autry, the photoshoot was one of the most fulfilling assignments she’s ever worked on.

The breathtaking photos were later posted on Facebook by Katie with a caption that read: “I had the pleasure of working with Marvin and Lucille to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary . This may be one of my favorite sessions to date ! These two lovebirds even wore their original wedding attire for the session (Lucille made her dress)

“[…] What an amazing example these two are of true love standing the test of time. I am so glad to have met them, and honored to have captured these memories for them. Happy Anniversary Marvin and Lucille!

During the photoshoot, 88-year-old Marvin and his 81-year-old wife Lucille both donned their original outfits from 1960. This includes the dress Lucille had handmade herself!

According to Katie, when she asked the couple for their advice on how to have a long and happy marriage, they suggested that people should work hard, be nice to one another, think before speaking, depend on each other’s abilities to make up for your weaknesses, and have a strong faith.

Wow …

Despite all that is wrong with the world today, it is stories like this that genuinely make me feel warm inside.

Marvin and Lucille are trully a beautiful illustration of real love.

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