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Jerry Seinfeld’s son just turned 20 – see how much he looks like his father


It’s interesting to see how children resemble their parents, especially when their parents are famous. Jerry Seinfeld is a well-known comedian, and some of his children look very similar to him.

Jerry Seinfeld, who is famous for his role in the TV show “Seinfeld”, has three children with his wife Jessica. Their middle child, Julian, just turned 20 years old, which is a reason to celebrate for the Seinfeld family. However, what’s caught the attention of many people is Julian’s striking resemblance to his father.


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Jessica Seinfeld recently posted a picture of her son on social media to mark his birthday. The photo shows Julian wearing sunglasses and holding a basketball. It’s a rare glimpse of him for fans of the Seinfeld family.

“Happy 20th Birthday to @julianseinfeld! Your work ethic enables you to balance a heavy college course load with a job you love,” Jessica wrote on Instagram. “Your sharply tuned BS detector suffers not one fool. The moral high bar you set for those around you keeps us all in line. You chose your friends wisely, and treat them all like family.

She added: “You are such a phenomenal and gorgeous human being. Your goodness is greatness, especially in this world today. I love you, my sun.”


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Jerry Seinfeld also wrote a loving message for his eldest son Julian on his birthday. Julian, along with his older sister Sascha, is currently studying at Duke University. Despite being raised by a famous comedian, Jerry has mentioned that his children have not always found it easy to appreciate humor. The family usually stays away from public attention.

In an interview with NPR in 2020, Jerry expressed his concern about his ability to make people laugh. He acknowledged that making jokes can be tricky and sometimes may not land well. He feared that if he fails to make people laugh, they would criticize him and question his comedic skills.

Jerry also shared that he values humor at home and considers it an essential aspect of his family life.

“Kvetching is only of value if you can do it in an amusing way,” he says. “My son just came in a minute ago and he says, ‘I can’t study. The wind is howling.’ I said, ‘We can’t say things like that.’ If you’re going to complain – my whole act is, of course, constant complaining – but you have to find something amusing in that complaint. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut.

“I’m very hard on my family as far as being entertaining. You know, at my dinner table, you’re supposed to be funny.”

Jerry Seinfeld is a well-known actor, comedian, and producer who has made a lot of money throughout his career. He is reported to have accumulated a fortune of approximately $950 million, and some sources consider him to be the wealthiest actor globally. This is largely due to the remarkable popularity of his comedy series, Seinfeld.

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