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Jimmy Carter shared a heartbreaking plan with his son just months before Rosalynn’s passing


In the small town of Plains, Georgia, a love story that spanned over seven decades came to a touching close.

Rosalynn Carter, who stood by her husband, Jimmy Carter, through his journey from a peanut farmer to the President of the United States, passed away at 96 in their family home.

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Their son, Chip Carter, shared a heartfelt story of his father’s unwavering commitment to Rosalynn. Despite his own health challenges, Jimmy Carter, now 99, was determined to care for Rosalynn, who had been his rock and partner in all of life’s adventures. He had always believed he would outlive Rosalynn to protect her, but as his health declined, he grew worried he might not fulfill this promise.

Rosalynn Carter was not just a former First Lady; she was a force of kindness and humanitarian work, remembered for her contributions both during and after her time in the White House from 1977 to 1981. Her work continued through the Carter Center, touching many lives.


The couple’s enduring love was evident in their final days together. Last week, Rosalynn joined Jimmy in hospice care, only six months after her diagnosis with dementia. Her health took a turn for the worse when she contracted an infection. In these difficult moments, Jimmy remained steadfastly by her side. In a profoundly moving gesture, he had his hospice bed placed next to hers, allowing the couple to be together until the end.

Tragically, Rosalynn’s condition worsened, and she lost her ability to speak. On a quiet Sunday morning, her remarkable life came to an end. Jimmy Carter, who once said that Rosalynn was his “equal partner in everything,” must now navigate the world without her.


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Their son Chip recalls his father’s words about not wanting to pass away before Rosalynn. Despite his concerns, Jimmy Carter was there for her, just as he had hoped. As he faces his own health challenges, the love and care he showed for Rosalynn are a testament to their extraordinary partnership.

As the world remembers Rosalynn Carter, our thoughts are with the Carter family. Her legacy of kindness, dedication, and love will continue to inspire. Rest in peace, Rosalynn Carter.