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John Beasley, actor from ‘Everwood’ and ‘The Soul Man’, has passed away at age 79—rest in peace


The passing of a familiar face can deeply affect us, even if that face belonged to a celebrity whom we knew only through the screen. Their presence in our lives, though indirect, leaves a void when they depart. The demise of John Beasley, a name synonymous with remarkable performances in The Soul Man and Everwood, has plunged many into sorrow.

Beasley, renowned for his array of unforgettable characters in television and movies, left us at the age of 79. His impact and influence on screen have left an indelible mark, and his absence will be profoundly felt. His departure is indeed a moment of great sadness, and his memory will continue to live in the hearts of his admirers.

Mike Beasley, son of the late John Beasley, took to social media to acknowledge his father’s passing. He shared his deep grief on Facebook, saying, “This is a part of life… but that doesn’t make it any easier.” Mike expressed the profound loss of his closest friend, and importantly, his hero – his father. Contrary to the common belief of being disappointed when meeting your heroes, Mike expressed that his father was his hero, and he was everything he imagined him to be.

His touching tribute further included words of gratitude and love for his father. He wrote, “Thank you for everything. I hope I made you proud. Love you more.” Along with these heartfelt words, he shared a joyful image of himself and his father, with his arm tenderly placed around his father’s shoulders, displaying a smile that now holds cherished memories.

John Beasley’s second son, Tyrone, shared with the press that his father’s health had rapidly declined during his liver tests. The celebrated actor’s journey was not an easy one, with health struggles marking his final days.

Born on June 26, 1943, in Omaha, Nebraska, John only began chasing his acting dreams when he was already in his 40s. He secured his first acting role in 1989, setting off a career filled with recurring appearances in both television and film. His most prominent role was Irv Harper in the popular family drama Everwood, beginning in 2002. Another significant part of his acting legacy was his work in Cedric the Entertainer’s sitcom series, The Soul Man, which aired from 2012 to 2016.

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John Beasley’s impressive repertoire extended beyond television series, with his presence gracing various film sets as well. Some of his movie credits include roles in Sinister, The Sum of All Fears, The General’s Daughter, Walking Tall, The Mighty Ducks, and most recently, Firestarter. His noteworthy television projects comprised CSI, The Lost Room, NCIS, Boston Legal, CSI: Miami, Treme, and The Mandalorian.

John leaves behind a loving family – his wife Judy, to whom he was married for 58 years, his sons Mike and Tyrone Beasley, and his six cherished grandchildren. As we recall John Beasley’s remarkable career, let’s extend our condolences to his family and friends.

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