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Little kid sees mom after 9 months apart and rushes to hug her in super touching video


Military personnel are truly brave, putting themselves in danger to keep us safe. They often miss important family moments like birthdays and weddings because of their duty. It’s a sacrifice many don’t see, but it’s crucial to acknowledge and respect.

Young kids might not get why their military parents are away a lot. At the same time, it’s tough for these parents to miss out on time with their children. That’s why when they reunite, it’s such an emotional moment.


You’ve probably seen online clips of soldiers reuniting with their kids after being away for months. However, there’s a special video from 2014 where a group from the National Guard comes home after nine months in Afghanistan. It’s a heartwarming watch.


One soldier was especially eager to return home because her three-year-old son, Cooper, was waiting. Imagine Cooper’s feelings seeing his mom after almost a year! When he saw her, he couldn’t wait and ran straight to her. This touching moment between mother and son quickly became an internet sensation.

Watch Cooper and his mom reunite in the video below: