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Man believed his dog had died in the rapids—10 days later she returned running


In 2016, a vibrant and spirited Golden Retriever/Collie mix named Kali set out on a remarkable journey that would demonstrate her endurance and tenacity in the extensive wilderness of Canada. This incredible story started when Kali and her owners, Dave Kareken and Joy Neilyset, decided to explore a picturesque river trail.

As the trio roamed the forest, deeply enjoying the surrounding natural beauty, they were completely oblivious to the forthcoming trials. Their hiking adventure was about to transform into an unforgettable survival narrative, pushing Kali’s capabilities to the limits. Little did they know what lay in store.

On this fateful day, the usually calm river had turned into a violent current due to significant rainfall. Kali, intrigued by her instinctive curiosity, approached the rapidly moving water. A simple miscalculated leap led her to a ledge about ten feet below, marking the beginning of a terrifying situation.

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During an instant of disarray, Kali plunged into the turbulent waters, attempting to navigate her way to safety. Unfortunately, the swift rapids overwhelmed the seven-year-old dog, sweeping her away. This sudden and tragic event left her owners, who could only watch in despair, utterly heartbroken.

Dave Kareken spoke to USA Today, expressing their distress: “We called and searched for hours trying to find her, but there was no sign of her.” After grappling with their situation, they were faced with the devastating decision to continue their hike, tragically without their beloved pet.

Dave Kareken and Neilyset had to make the painful journey back to their home in Asheville, North Carolina, their hearts heavy with loss. Meanwhile, their son set off to a camp in Minnesota. Grieving their loss, Dave Kareken mourned, “We lost a member of our family. I’d never felt anything like it.”

Over the next ten days, Kali’s survival instincts were fully engaged as she fought bravely against harsh conditions. The vast forest became her temporary refuge, offering her shelter and food. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, her owners were tormented with worry, waiting for any news.

However, soon after Kareken returned home, an unexpected phone call brought startling news. With his heart pounding, Kareken heard the incredible revelation: Kali, defying all odds, had been found alive. Despite the dangerous rapids that once swept her away, Kali had endured a challenging ten days in the unyielding Canadian wilderness before remarkably showing up at a nearby campsite.