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Dad covered in tattoos undergoes transformation for his young daughter


Ethan Bramble, a man from Australia, is known around the world because he transformed his body in a way that most of us would never dream of.

His journey into the world of tattoos and body modifications started when he was just 11 years old with his first change – stretching his ears. Since then, Ethan didn’t just stop there; he got over 200 tattoos and even had some extreme modifications like splitting his tongue and removing his belly button.

Tattoos are a popular way to express oneself, and Ethan took this to an entirely new level by covering himself from head to toe with ink. This wasn’t a cheap endeavor either; it cost him about $60,000 AUD (around $39,000 USD) to achieve the look he has today. However, recently, Ethan has been having second thoughts about some of his choices.

In a candid talk on LadBibleTV’s No Filter series, Ethan shared that he somewhat regrets some of his tattoos, particularly the ones on his face. He didn’t just get tattoos as a form of expression but now, he sees them as decisions that might lead to challenges, especially when he thinks about his young daughter.

“The face is a big thing that can lead to so many – for some people, not everyone – can lead to a lot of problems for yourself, which I probably wouldn’t want my daughter to have to deal with until she was a bit older,” Ethan explained.

He worries about the judgments and problems they might bring, which he wouldn’t want his daughter to face at her young age. This concern has led him to undergo laser surgery to remove some of the tattoos, a process that is not only expensive but also painful. He’s been doing it for about a year and has already had several sessions to clear his once fully-inked face.

Ethan hopes that by removing his face tattoos, he can reduce the anxiety they bring and help his daughter have a more ordinary experience, especially in situations like going to school. “I’m clearing the canvas,” he said, optimistic about the future and how he’ll be perceived as his tattoos fade away.

This story isn’t just about tattoos and regrets; it’s about a father thinking about his daughter’s future and how his choices impact those he loves. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the things we do to express ourselves can have long-term consequences, and it takes courage to change the path we’ve started on.

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