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Mother who wouldn’t let her homeless son and his children stay with her comes back years later asking for help


In 2020, a life-changing event occurred for many people due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A couple with three children had to adjust to homeschooling and a significant loss of income when the wife left her job to educate their kids.

This financial strain led to them being evicted from their home. They sought help from the husband’s mother, who initially agreed to shelter them but withdrew her offer upon learning about their eviction.

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The family found themselves homeless, struggling to find a place in homeless shelters. They lived in their van for four months until securing a spot in a shelter. This situation strained their relationship with the husband’s mother and his sister, who made them feel unwelcome even when they offered to pay for using her shower facilities.

Despite these hardships, the couple worked hard to turn their situation around. They got jobs, started a business, and built a new home, achieving financial stability without family support.

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Ironically, when the husband’s mother faced eviction due to reduced work hours and no retirement benefits, she asked her son and daughter-in-law for shelter. Remembering her lack of support during their tough times, they declined her request. This decision led to family disagreements, with the husband’s sister criticizing them. However, the couple stood firm, suggesting the mother-in-law seek alternative options like a nursing home.

Their story sparked discussions online, with many supporting the couple’s decision, highlighting the complexities of family dynamics and support during difficult times.

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“Let SIL deal with mommy dearest. Seems a fitting end for them all,” one person commented on Facebook.

“If your husband agrees with you, there is nothing mean about it. She chose not to help you. SIL can take her in,” another user added.

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