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Man secretly grows 1.2 million sunflowers to celebrate 50 years of marriage


In a heartwarming story from Kansas, farmer Lee Wilson discovered a unique way to celebrate his 50th wedding anniversary with his wife, Renee.

The couple, who have been inseparable since their first date at a roller skating party in high school, have shared many beautiful moments together.


As their golden anniversary approached, Lee wanted to do something extraordinary to show his love for Renee.

The perfect idea struck him: planting a vast field of sunflowers, Renee’s favorite flower. Working secretly since May, with assistance from their son, Lee cultivated an incredible 80 acres of sunflowers.


By their anniversary on August 10, about 1.2 million sunflowers were in full bloom, creating a breathtaking view just for Renee. Overwhelmed by this gesture, Renee felt incredibly special and cherished, declaring the sunflower field the most perfect anniversary gift.

This touching gesture has not only brought joy to Renee but also captivated many visitors from across Kansas, drawn by the beauty of the sunflower field. Despite the happiness it has brought, Lee doesn’t plan to repeat this grand gesture next year. Instead, he humorously suggests that it’s someone else’s turn to try out this romantic idea.


The couple’s love story and unique anniversary celebration stand as a testament to enduring love and the power of thoughtful, creative gestures in a long-lasting marriage.