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Michael J. Fox made a rare appearance, and we have the details


People always think of “Back to the Future” when talking about sci-fi movies. This classic trilogy from over 30 years ago is still very loved. Michael J. Fox acted as Marty and Christopher Lloyd was Doc Brown in the movie.

Interesting fact: Lloyd first threw away the movie script. But thanks to a friend, he changed his mind and tried it. And now, it’s a big part of movie history.

At the New York Comic-Con in October 2022, the “Back to the Future” cast shared some new details. Even though filming had started, Michael J. Fox replaced Eric Stotz as Marty McFly. Christopher Lloyd, who played Doc Brown, wasn’t happy at first because he had to reshoot scenes.

Facebook/The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

Lloyd shared that he found out about the change very late at night and was worried about doing the scenes over. But once he started working with Fox, they clicked right away.

“The news at one o’clock in the morning was that the actor portraying Marty would no longer be playing Marty and that tomorrow, we would start filming with Michael,” Lloyd revealed. “I felt that I barely got it through the [first] six weeks and now I was going to have to do it again… As the cliche goes, ‘there was chemistry instantly.’”

Michael J. Fox really enjoyed working on “Back to the Future.” He felt amazed by everything and believed Christopher Lloyd was brilliant. Fox, now 61, loved spending time on set with Lloyd. He said that Chris is a wonderful person, though a bit mysterious. Fox felt he had to watch some movies starring Lloyd to really understand him.

By the end of the third movie, their bond was even stronger. Fox admired Lloyd’s passion for acting and was surprised by his deep knowledge of plays like Shakespeare’s “King Lear.” He feels Lloyd is full of surprises in his character.

Michael J. Fox has been open about his Parkinson’s disease, which he was diagnosed with 30 years ago at age 29. Although it was tough for him to accept, he chose to live his life positively despite the challenges.

During the New York Comic-Con, he mentioned the pain from his broken bones. Fox, who used to easily memorize lines, admitted that in recent years, it’s become more difficult for him. He shared that his recent roles were quite dialogue-heavy, and he found them challenging.

Michael J. Fox recently shared more about his health in a chat with comedian Mike Birbiglia. He revealed that he’s lost his sense of smell. Despite this, he fondly remembers many scents, like the smell of pine around Christmas.

Moreover, a few years back, Fox faced a new health challenge. He began to fall frequently and discovered it was due to a spinal cord issue. Even though it was non-threatening, if not addressed, he would face mobility issues.

He said, “I was told it was benign but if it stayed static I would have diminished feeling in my legs and difficulty moving. Then all of a sudden I started falling – a lot. It was getting ridiculous. I was trying to parse what was Parkinson’s and what was the spinal thing. But it came to the point where it was probably necessary to have surgery,” as reported by The New York Times.

Michael J. Fox, with the support of his wife, founded the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Its mission is to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease by funding research. It’s now the world’s largest non-profit supporting Parkinson’s research. Because of his efforts, Time Magazine recognized him in 2007 as one of 100 people who are changing the world through their influence, skills, or values.

Michael J. Fox is not just a gifted actor, but also an inspiring individual. We send him our best wishes for the future and hope he remains positive, as he always has.

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