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Mom faces laughter and criticism for teaching her 7-year-old how to cook and clean


Raising kids is different for every family. Parents have their own ways of teaching their children about life. Some are strict, while others let kids learn from their own mistakes. Everyone has an opinion about the right way to do it, but at the end of the day, it’s up to each parent to decide.

When I was young, doing housework was just part of our daily life. My brothers, sisters, and I helped out with dishes, bed-making, and cooking. I believe that getting kids to do chores is a good thing. It teaches them important values and work habits for later in life.


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But not everyone thinks the same. A few years ago, a young mom named Nikkole Paulun found out how much people can disagree on this. Nikkole, who was 22 at the time, posted pictures online of her 7-year-old son Lyle doing chores like cooking and cleaning. She was proud of teaching him to help around the house.

You’d think this was no big deal, but some people online didn’t like it. They worried it might be bad for Lyle’s emotional health. The main issue for many was that Nikkole shared her son’s chores on the internet. They thought this could make Lyle and other parents uncomfortable.

Some comments were really harsh. One person said Nikkole was treating her son like a slave. Another questioned if Nikkole could do all the tasks she was teaching her son. Someone else said kids should learn responsibility, but not do things like cooking at such a young age.

A lot of people stood up for Nikkole, too. Her post got a lot of attention, with over 8,000 comments and 156,000 interactions on Facebook. Nikkole said she likes doing house chores and that Lyle just helps out and gets an allowance for it. She also plans to teach her younger daughter, Ellie, to do chores when she’s older.

So, what do you think about Nikkole’s way of raising her kids and the reactions she got? Share your thoughts with us. If you found this story interesting, don’t forget to check out more articles like this one!