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My husband picked his lover over our family, so I showed him a lesson


In a heartfelt story shared on TikTok, user @tattylomas opened up about her emotional journey through her husband’s betrayal, their subsequent divorce, and finding strength amidst the turmoil.

The TikTok influencer recounted her love story, which started in high school and led to marriage and three children. Unexpectedly, her husband confessed to having an affair and expressed his desire for a divorce, shattering their family life.


Despite the shock and heartbreak, @tattylomas fought to keep her family intact but ultimately had to accept the end of her marriage. The divorce proceedings awarded her the family home, a significant emotional victory for her as the property had been purchased from her grandmother. However, the settlement included a considerable payout to her ex-husband.

Following the divorce, @tattylomas’s ex-husband expressed regret and sought reconciliation, but she firmly rejected the idea. Adding to the saga, she discovered the woman he left her for had negative traits, including causing a car accident while intoxicated.


Life took a positive turn when @tattylomas met a new partner through her sister. Though not planning to marry, they embarked on a meaningful relationship. The TikToker openly shared her feelings of vindication watching her ex-husband face the consequences of his actions, humorously noting his downgrade to a less desirable living situation and her plans to vacation in Hawaii, a destination he had always wanted to visit, possibly sending him a postcard as a cheeky nod to his loss.

The video struck a chord with viewers, garnering supportive comments praising her strength and resilience, with suggestions for playful revenge. @tattylomas, however, stated she prefers the satisfaction of knowing her ex-husband’s regret as her form of revenge.

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