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Couple adopts boy once called a ‘freak’ and abandoned at birth—look at him today


In a world where over a billion people live with disabilities, stories of hope and love like Rustam’s stand out.

Born with conditions that made him look different and left him without a leg, Rustam’s journey began in a challenging way. His biological parents left him at the hospital, and for years, his chances of finding a family seemed slim.

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But then came a miracle in 2017 when Nika Zlobin stumbled upon a photo of four-year-old Rustam. Despite his needs for surgeries and a prosthetic leg, Nika and her husband Yuri decided that they could tackle those challenges together.

Their first meeting with Rustam was a surprise; they found a bright and curious boy, not the child they had braced themselves for.

The couple quickly made the decision to bring Rustam into their family, saving him from life in an institution—a place Nika feared he wouldn’t survive. They filled out the paperwork, brought Rustam home, and started a new life together in Moscow. Nika treated Rustam like her own, teaching him to walk with crutches and encouraging him to express his vibrant personality through his hairstyle and clothes.

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Rustam, now over ten years old, doesn’t question his appearance; he knows he’s handsome just the way he is. Nika has become an advocate for the rights of disabled people, though not without facing harsh words from strangers. Despite the negativity, the family focuses on love and Rustam’s bright spirit.

Sadly, we can no longer follow Rustam’s adventures on Instagram, as Nika’s account was deleted. It’s a reminder of the cruelty some people show, but also of the incredible difference love and acceptance can make in a person’s life.

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This heartwarming story originally shared details that open our eyes to the struggles and triumphs of living with disabilities and the power of family, no matter how it’s formed.

What do you think about Rustam and his family’s story? Feel free to share your thoughts and this story, to spread a little more understanding and love in the world.