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Mom says she has the right to check her children’s phones because she pays for them


The use of technology is a subject of intense debate. While it has brought many benefits, it has also had negative effects. One area of concern is the use of mobile phones by children.

Some parents believe that giving their kids phones is necessary for safety, but they are also using parental control features to restrict access to certain apps and websites. A mother recently shared her experience of checking her children’s phones.


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A mother from North Carolina named Laura Muse has two teenagers, a 17-year-old daughter, and a 15-year-old son.

To make sure they get a good night’s sleep, she takes away their phones every night. While they are sleeping, she checks their phones. She believes that because she pays for their phone service, she has the right to go through their phones.

Laura says, “I own their phones, I pay for the phones. I can go through them whenever I want. People might think [it] is a sign of disrespect or an invasion of their privacy, but this is how I manage my ship.”

Mom says she has the right to check her children's phones because she pays for them

Laura, a mental health clinician aged 41, has been checking her children’s phones on a weekly basis since they were around 11 years old. Now that they are teenagers, she continues to do so in order to ensure they are not engaging in inappropriate behaviors and to keep them safe from predators and scammers.

As someone who has experience with people dealing with traumas, including those from abuse and sexual assault, Laura knows the damaging effects that these experiences can have. If she does come across something concerning, she turns it into a teachable moment for her children. She acknowledges that she is not perfect, nor does she expect her children to be perfect, but keeping an eye on things is important to her.

Laura loves and accepts her children for who they are, but she also feels responsible for helping them handle life’s challenges. She keeps a watchful eye on her kids and encourages them to talk to her whenever they need to.

Mom says she has the right to check her children's phones because she pays for them

Laura is not alone in setting strict rules for her kids’ phone usage. Other parents, including famous figures like Pink, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Cuban, and Serena Williams, have also shared their opinions on limiting screen time. They discuss appropriate ages for children to have phones and outline rules for social media use. These celebrities strive to keep their kids out of the public eye to provide them with the most comfortable childhood possible.

Parents around the world are facing a common challenge – helping their children navigate the world of technology while still learning themselves. Social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram have made this task even more difficult. However, experts suggest that every family should determine their own approach to technology.

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Mental health professionals have advised parents to set boundaries and communicate openly with their kids about phone usage. Technology isn’t inherently good or bad, so moderation is key. By establishing clear guidelines, parents can ensure their children’s safety and reduce their risk of mental health issues. Ultimately, the most important thing is for families to find a strategy that works best for them.

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