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A TikTok video goes viral and sparks a big online argument about leaning back in your seat on long flights

In the world of air travel, where comfort is often a luxury, a recent incident highlighted by TikTok influencer Taylor Futch, known as @tfutchh,...

Flight attendant shares a ‘scary’ explanation for why they sit on their hands during take-off and landing

In a revealing TikTok post that caught the attention of many, Henny Lim, a dedicated flight attendant working for Cebu Pacific Airlines in the...

Young actress set to take over Johnny Depp’s role in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

In a refreshing twist to the beloved "Pirates of the Caribbean" series, a wave of change is on the horizon as the franchise prepares...

Railroad workers notice 3-year-old autistic boy on train tracks—they act quickly to save him

Many of us often wonder how we would respond in a life-or-death situation. It's common to imagine ourselves as heroes, bravely taking action to...

Suzanne Somers is survived by a beautiful granddaughter who looks exactly like her

The world recently said goodbye to a beloved star, Suzanne Somers, whose warmth and smile touched many lives. As we remember her, a story...