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Jimmy Carter’s grandson gives a brief update on the former president’s health

Over a year ago, Jimmy Carter, a former U.S. President, chose to receive care at his home instead of a hospital. This kind of...

King Charles “denied” to take a photo with Prince Harry, and a royal biographer explains why

In the world of British royalty, the relationship between King Charles III and his son Prince Harry has been capturing headlines. Recently, a new twist...

Kate Middleton’s touching reaction to her fans

When Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, shared her cancer diagnosis, it touched not just the royal family but people all around the world. From...

This Jewish couple has been married for 91 years, have 64 grandchildren and they are still deeply in love

Everyone falls in love at least once in their lifetime. In this information-rich age, many people have chosen to post details of their relationships...

Woman delivers pizza to old trailer for years—she finally looks inside and makes a surprising find

At times, individuals enter our lives, and it takes a while to realize their importance. Lee Haase experienced this with a woman named Angela...