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Single dad helps elderly lady mow her lawn, receives shocking call from her lawyer

Felix, a single dad, was relaxing at home when he heard a lawnmower. Curious, he went outside and found Mrs. McAllister, his elderly neighbor,...

Jono Lancaster’s inspiring life story touches hearts everywhere

Jono Lancaster was born in England in October 1985, but his arrival was not like other babies. Jono had Treacher Collins syndrome, a rare...

Woman who ‘died and spent three days in heaven’ reveals a chilling vision of the future

Julie Poole, a spiritual coach, claims to have 'died' and returned with a powerful message for humanity. Julie, who has dedicated her life to helping...

Woman lived on the streets for 16 years but never asked anyone for cash

Everyone has their own unique story, and it's important to remember that. An 80-year-old woman has lived a life full of surprises and lessons....

Pink and Carey Hart mark their 18th wedding anniversary admitting ‘We almost didn’t make it’

Renowned singer Pink and her husband, Carey Hart, have recently marked their 18th wedding anniversary, a milestone that Pink reveals was almost not reached. In...