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Airline launches ‘adults-only’ section to offer peaceful traveling experience for travelers

We've all experienced it: settling into a long flight only to be disturbed by a loud child or constant seat-kicking from behind. While some...

Mother and son respond to critics after a video of them together goes viral

A mother named Amber Wright and her son, Brixton, have expressed their disappointment over negative online comments about a video of them. The video...

Kelli Giddish, former ‘Law & Order: SVU’ star, welcomes son and shares charming name

Kelli Giddish, known for her role as Amanda Rollins on "Law & Order: SVU," announced the birth of her third child, a son named...

A teacher teaches schoolgirls important life skills like changing tire and oil

Do you remember the home economics class? Those days appear to have passed. Finding an equal in schools today is a seemingly hard nut...

Dwayne Johnson thanks God and ‘Angels of mercy’ after his mother survived a bad car crash

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson experienced a moment of fear and uncertainty in the middle of the night when he received a phone call. The...