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7 key reasons why forgiving is important— even when it’s really hard

Have you ever heard the saying, "To err is human; to forgive, divine"? This old phrase tells us something very important – forgiving someone...

60-year-old Julianne Moore refuses to age gracefully

In the dazzling world of Hollywood, where the spotlight often demands eternal youth and perfection, there's a breath of fresh air in the form...

Carrie Underwood and her 5-year-old son give a touching performance of “The Little Drummer Boy” in a sweet duet

Do you remember those Christmas tunes that would play around the house during the festive season when you were a kid? Well, in my...

Céline Dion’s sister shares sad news about the singer’s health

Céline Dion, the famous singer known for the song "Power Of Love," has had to cancel her world tour. This happened because she's been...

Jerry Springer, well-known host of the wildest talk show on TV, passes away at the age of 79—rest in peace

Jerry Springer, the well-known host of a provocative and contentious daytime talk show, has passed away at the age of 79. According to a...