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Woman sparks mixed reactions by sharing she only showers twice a week

A woman named Allison has sparked an online debate after revealing she only showers twice a week, a routine shared by some celebrities like...

Isabella Strahan tearfully shares an unexpected update on her fight against cancer

Isabella Strahan, the 19-year-old daughter of former NFL star Michael Strahan, shared a hopeful update on her cancer treatment this week via social media. She...

Woman won’t share her inheritance, and her fiancé is very upset about it

In a touching story that resonates with many, a woman reached out to the internet for guidance after a disagreement with her fiancé stirred...

Flight attendant spots something odd between a young girl and an old man, then finds 3-word note in the bathroom after the plane takes off

On an Alaska Airline flight from Seattle to San Francisco, flight attendant Shelia Frederick noticed something odd. A man and a young girl boarded...

Girl pretends to be dead on the street—the reason fills my heart with warmth

Amanda learned about Bear, a forsaken dog lost in the Evan's Creek mountains, and quickly resolved to help. She teamed up with her friend...