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Gerald Castillo of ‘General Hospital’ and ‘Saved by the Bell’ passes away at 90 – rest in peace

Gerald Castillo, renowned for his performances in popular shows like General Hospital and Saved by the Bell, has passed away at the age of...

She hears noises from the garage daily, when her husband’s secret is uncovered, she’s overwhelmed with emotions

Brad Soden, a former United States soldier, has led an impactful life. After serving in the first Iraq war, he transitioned into a role...

Brilliant painting of Jesus by an 8-year-old rescued from the shadows

The celebrated artwork "Prince of Peace," a divine portrayal of Jesus, has made a remarkable comeback after 16 years. Created by Akiane Kramarik when...

A pitbull was abandoned tied to a tree to die, but it didn’t stop protecting something important to it

Pitbulls, unfortunately, have a negative image in the eyes of many. They are frequently mischaracterized as hostile, perilous, and unpredictable animals, ready to attack...

Robert Irwin reveals ‘special connection’ he had with late dad Steve—’very lucky I get to follow in those footsteps’

In 2006, Steve Irwin, a famous conservationist and TV host known for his show The Crocodile Hunter, passed away due to a stingray attack. He...