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Olympic star Scott Hamilton, 65, shares a heartbreaking update on his cancer situation

The life of Scott Hamilton, an Olympic figure skating champion, has been a tapestry of triumphs and trials, marked by exceptional achievements on the...

Young actress set to take over Johnny Depp’s role in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

In a refreshing twist to the beloved "Pirates of the Caribbean" series, a wave of change is on the horizon as the franchise prepares...

If you find a spoon with sugar in your yard it’s important to understand what it means

In a world brimming with fears, from towering heights to the creepy crawl of spiders, one phobia doesn't often make headlines but has a...

Actor Henry Winkler stepped up to care for his mom in her final years despite difficult childhood

Henry Winkler, known for his iconic roles such as Fonzie in "Happy Days" and Stanley in "Holes," became a caregiver for his mother during...

When you spot a purple butterfly sticker near a newborn this is what it means

Millie Smith and Lewis Cann faced a unique journey into parenthood. They were overjoyed to learn they were expecting twins, but their happiness turned to...