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Little girl receives a life-saving kidney transplant from her dad

In New Jersey, a family faced a heartbreaking challenge when their son Nathaniel passed away just 36 hours after birth due to a rare...

Teacher takes down U.S. flag in classroom, has students pledge allegiance to pride flag instead

In a surprising turn of events at a school in California, a teacher found herself in hot water after sharing videos that didn’t sit...

Woman won’t share her inheritance, and her fiancé is very upset about it

In a touching story that resonates with many, a woman reached out to the internet for guidance after a disagreement with her fiancé stirred...

Sad new detail emerges about Madonna’s hospital stay—she had to be revived

Madonna, the famous singer, is not getting better as quickly as people thought she would after she had to go to the hospital suddenly...

Woman sent a list of rules to her wedding guests—soon many of them began cancelling

In a story that's as surprising as it is controversial, a bride-to-be's quest for the perfect wedding day has sparked quite a debate. This...