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Ex-Mississippi prison guard says she doesn’t regret losing her job for taking care of an inmate’s baby

Vicksburg, Mississippi— Roberta Bell, 58, is not just a grandmother to five of her eight grandkids, she's also a hero to many. Her life...

“It’s a blessing cake” adopted boys tear up during their first-ever birthday party celebration

In a heartwarming story that reminds us to cherish the simple joys of life, two brothers from Sierra Leone, Abraham and James Walker, experienced...

10-month-old baby found dead near surviving father after 36-hour search

In a small town near Idaho Falls, Idaho, the community is mourning after a heart-wrenching discovery. Ten-month-old Zeke Best, who had been the subject...

Rita Wilson posts adorable Tom Hanks photo to celebrate 35th wedding anniversary

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson recently celebrated a significant milestone in their lives – their 35th wedding anniversary on April 30. The beloved Hollywood...

Clever daughter calls 911 and faked ordering pizza to save her mother

One woman’s quick thinking helped save her mother from a terrible situation, and she kept herself safe by pretending to order pizza while calling...