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Baby born with a full head of gray hair wins everyone’s hearts

baby through 3D scans. However, these scans cannot show the baby's hair color, eye color, or skin tone. When Bence was born in Hungary in...

Woman with 7-stone leg proudly displays it despite endless Internet ridicule

Negative perceptions about body image and fat shaming are prevalent issues affecting societies worldwide. Educating young people is a crucial step in combating these...

Rick Allen, legendary drummer for Def Leppard, breaks his silence after being attacked

Rick Allen, the legendary drummer of Def Leppard, is going through a tough time after being the victim of a random attack. The incident...

Mom of black and white boys often gets asked which one of them is hers

Meet Daniel and David, two twin brothers from Nigeria who are identical but different. They both have brown eyes and come from the same...

Young man takes custody of boy found in trash in Haiti and nurtures him to health

When Jimmy Amisial together with his friends were walking through his hometown of Gonaives, Haiti, to usher in a new year, He never thought...