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Teacher takes down U.S. flag in classroom, has students pledge allegiance to pride flag instead


In a surprising turn of events at a school in California, a teacher found herself in hot water after sharing videos that didn’t sit well with everyone.

Kristin Pitzen of Newport Mesa School District in Orange County made headlines when she shared a TikTok video explaining why she removed the American flag from her classroom, saying it made her feel “uncomfortable.”

credit: Flagpatriots

In the video, which is no longer available, Pitzen chuckled as she shared that she wasn’t sure where the flag was anymore. During the Pledge of Allegiance, she told her students they could choose whether to stand or recite the pledge, even though there was no American flag present in the classroom.

This led to a humorous moment when a student asked what they should look at during the pledge, and Pitzen suggested the pride flag that was in the room, capturing this exchange on camera as well.

The story doesn’t end there. Pitzen also posted another video during pride month, showing her support for the LGBTQ+ community with various pride flags and expressing her love and support for all, regardless of their coming out status.

credit: Pexels/ Brett Sayles

However, not everyone found Pitzen’s actions amusing or appropriate. The videos sparked a significant backlash, with critics arguing that she was disrespecting the American flag and pushing her personal beliefs on her students. In response, the local community and some parents showed their patriotism by placing American flags on the school’s lawn. One parent, whose son is in the military, expressed a wish to remind Pitzen of the flag’s importance.

The online community also had strong opinions, with some suggesting that Pitzen failed to appreciate the freedoms and rights the flag represents. Since the incident, which occurred in 2021, Pitzen has deleted her social media accounts and is no longer teaching in the classroom, while the school district continues its investigation.

This event has sparked a broader conversation about freedom of expression, the respect for national symbols, and how educators can balance inclusivity and diversity with traditional values in schools.

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