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The secret behind upside-down pineapple signs on cruise ships revealed


A vacationer recently took to social media to share an unexpected discovery about the seemingly innocent pineapple decorations affixed to cruise ship cabin doors.

While often perceived as tropical-themed embellishments, these symbols carry a significantly different connotation in certain circles, particularly within the context of adult cruises.

Pineapples have long been admired for their decorative appeal, with cultural roots spanning regions such as West Africa and Latin America. In mainstream media, they are perhaps best known from Nickelodeon’s “SpongeBob SquarePants,” where the iconic character resides in a pineapple under the sea. However, in the adult cruise world, pineapples, especially when displayed upside-down, are understood to signal an interest in swinging.

TikToker Dominique (@blogionistatravels) inadvertently brought this secret code to light during her first cruise. Her video, posted in September 2022 and amassing 21 million views, shows her walking down a ship corridor, noting the pineapple stickers on several doors. She captioned the clip, “When you’re on your first cruise and you see that everyone has these little cute pineapples on their door.”


Dominique’s video prompted a flood of reactions. Some viewers humorously speculated about the intentions behind the decorations, while others offered cautionary advice. One commenter joked about an elderly woman innocently using the decorations, while another playfully asked for the name of the cruise line “for a friend.”

As detailed by Cruisehive, pineapples on cruise doors are a covert signal used by swingers to indicate their interest in partner-swapping activities. These signals are not limited to door decorations; swingers might also wear black rings or switch their wedding bands to their right hand as additional indicators. For those openly seeking such experiences, there are dedicated swinger cruises available.


The revelation of these symbols serves as a humorous yet educational insight into the diverse customs encountered on cruises. For unsuspecting travelers, it’s a reminder to stay observant and informed about the varied and sometimes hidden meanings behind seemingly innocent decorations.