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Tom Selleck opens up about “messed up” health issues after over 50 years of doing his own film stunts


Tom Selleck is a renowned actor who has played numerous memorable roles, such as Thomas Magnum in the TV show Magnum P.I.

Selleck has a unique feature that differentiates him from most Hollywood actors – he has performed his own stunts and action scenes for more than five decades. However, Selleck has recently revealed that this decision was not without its challenges, and his body is now experiencing the effects of his stunt work.

Tom Selleck was born in 1945 in Detroit, Michigan. After his family moved to Los Angeles, California, he attended the University of Southern California on a basketball scholarship. In the 1970s, he began his career as a model and made a few small acting appearances, including a role in the popular show ‘Charlie’s Angels’. However, it was his iconic portrayal of the character ‘Magnum P.I.’ that launched his career in action-packed films.

‘Magnum P.I.’ ran for eight seasons and earned Selleck a Golden Globe, an Emmy, and four other Emmy nominations. Selleck believes that the success of his career is attributed to his breakthrough role in ‘Magnum P.I.’ He has said, “I suppose if Magnum hadn’t worked out, I wouldn’t have worked again in this profession.”

In 1967, Tom Selleck appeared on The Dating Game, an experience he described as “humiliating and embarrassing” after losing twice. Despite this setback, he found success in the commercial industry with Pepsi and Close-Up toothpaste. At the time, he was uncertain about pursuing a Hollywood career, but eventually went on to star in over 35 Hollywood movies by the end of 2022.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Selleck played small recurring roles in various TV series and B-list movies. However, his career saw a resurgence in the early 2000s when he diversified into comedy and landed a recurring role on the popular series Friends as Monica Gellar’s boyfriend. He also appeared in The Closer and portrayed General Eisenhower in A&E’s made-for-TV movie, Ike: Countdown to D-Day in 2004.

Selleck’s most notable role in recent years was on the CBS sitcom Blue Bloods, which began airing in 2010 and concluded its 12th season in 2021-22.

Tom Selleck, despite his successful career and iconic roles, is not immune to the effects of aging. He admits that his back is “kind of messed up” due to the physical toll that acting has taken on his body. Selleck explains that performing stunts in movies involves a certain level of risk, but also requires long periods of sitting around without proper stretching or warm-up.

He has observed the toll that such activities can take on his peers, as their bodies suffer from the stop-and-go nature of these stunts. While the stunts themselves may not be overly difficult, the repeated stress on the body can have lasting effects.

Tom Selleck is a versatile and adaptable actor who has succeeded in a range of genres. However, when he first arrived in Hollywood, it was uncertain whether he would achieve the success he enjoys today. In an interview with AARP, he stated that he was fortunate not to have secured a real job until he was 35 years old. He explains that at 25, he looked much older but sounded like a teenager, and as a result, many good actors who started out as young leading men failed to make it in the industry.

Currently, Tom Selleck spends most of his time on his ranch in Ventura, California, where he cares for his horses and shares his passion for them with his daughter. Tom Selleck has been married to Jillie Mack for many years, and he attributes the success of his marriage and home life to his commitment to always prioritize his family.

Tom Selleck invests his time and love into his family, which has resulted in a happy and fulfilling family life. In 2012, he left his successful show, Magnum P.I., to start a family. He explains that it was essential to have balance in his life, and his ranch has played a significant role in achieving that balance.

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