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Two police officers help deliver a baby in parking lot after mom couldn’t make it to hospital


Two police officers came to the aid of a man who desperately needed an extra pair of hands to assist his wife as she entered active labor. What transpired next was a miracle.

A man flagged down a Stockton PD officer at the intersection of Washington Street and El Dorado Street at 7:46 on Sunday, September 27, 2020. When he approached the policeman, he informed him that his wife was expecting a child.

The woman in question was giving birth while she was seated in the front passenger seat.

According to a statement on Facebook from the Stockton Police Department, her husband asked the officer if he could take her to the hospital.

The quick-thinking police officer instructed the man to park in the front lot of the police department and then called an ambulance.

The officer then tried to calm down the couple during what must have been an incredibly tense moment.

As the couple was waiting for the ambulance to arrive, the woman’s water broke. The baby couldn’t wait to come into this world.

Soon after two additional officers with medical experience arrived, the infant decided it was time. Thankfully, the officers were present to deliver the child themselves.

Without hesitation, they both took charge of delivering the baby. Semaj, the infant, was born at 7:50 a.m. in the Police Department’s parking lot.

The mother and baby were later taken to the hospital where they recovered and were allowed to go home.