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A homeless man’s visit to a police station leads to a shocking outcome


In a heartwarming act of kindness, police officers in Rome, New York, went above and beyond their call of duty to help a homeless man named Bobby.

Officer Aaron Page, during his regular patrol, noticed Bobby, who seemed to be going through a tough time. Noticing his worn-out clothes, Officer Page invited Bobby to the police station the next day for a surprise.

City of Rome, NY Police Department

The next morning, Bobby walked into the station to find not just Officer Page, but three more of Rome’s finest – Officers Jeff Buckley, George Gebo, and Sgt. Frank Fragapane. They had all come together to give Bobby an incredible makeover. They gathered donated clothes and even had hair clippers ready for a fresh haircut and shave.

Officer Buckley shared how they always look for new ways to help their community. This time, Officer Page took the lead, and they all joined in to offer Bobby a helping hand.

City of Rome, NY Police Department

The Rome Police Department shared Bobby’s transformation on Facebook, showing the stark difference between his initial appearance and his new, clean look. The pictures captured Officer Page humbly helping Bobby into his new red sneakers. After the makeover, Bobby looked renewed, with a neat haircut and a clean-shaven face.

The online community was deeply moved by the police department’s actions. Many praised the officers for their compassion, noting how their kind gesture must have boosted Bobby’s confidence. Comments poured in, applauding the officers’ tender care and expressing gratitude for their kindness. Some even joked that the officers could consider a second career in a salon, given their impressive skills!

This story is a beautiful reminder of the goodness in our communities and the extraordinary ways police officers can make a difference. Share this inspiring story, and if you liked it, wait until you hear about the hero officer!