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Carrie Underwood and her 5-year-old son give a touching performance of “The Little Drummer Boy” in a sweet duet


Do you remember those Christmas tunes that would play around the house during the festive season when you were a kid? Well, in my home, we had a special playlist for the holidays, filled with those timeless songs that just scream ‘Christmas’.

Unlike some families who would jam out to modern hits, my parents kept it classic, avoiding anything too contemporary like Mariah Carey or Wham! This is why those older, golden oldies hold a special place in my heart.

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So, you can imagine how warm and fuzzy I felt when I first heard Carrie Underwood’s version of “The Little Drummer Boy.” It wasn’t just any cover – she sang it as a beautiful duet with her little boy. It’s one of those songs that never gets old, right?

“The Little Drummer Boy” has its roots in a traditional Czech carol and is thought to have been penned by Katherine K. Davis back in 1941. Over the years, it’s been covered by so many artists, from Bing Crosby to Johnny Cash, and yes, even Justin Bieber. Everyone has their favorite version, but they all have that special Christmas magic.


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But there was something extra special about Carrie Underwood’s 2020 rendition. She didn’t just sing it; she shared the microphone with her then-5-year-old son Isaiah. For those who might not know, Carrie Underwood is a country music superstar, known for captivating audiences with her powerful voice and charming presence.

Back in 2020, she announced a Christmas album, and fans were beyond excited. This album was a mix of traditional Christmas songs and some originals by Carrie herself. However, the track that really stands out is her version of “The Little Drummer Boy” with her son. Isaiah might have been only five, but he sang like a little star.

If you haven’t heard their version yet, you’re missing out. It’s a heartwarming performance that’s sure to fill you with holiday cheer. Trust me, give it a listen, and you’ll feel the Christmas spirit in no time!