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Doctors said young mom with weak muscles couldn’t have a baby—she gets pregnant with miracle child


Raising children can be a difficult task for any parent, requiring love, sacrifice, and countless sleepless nights. However, for some parents like 22-year-old Sheree Psaila, the challenges are even greater.

Sheree has a rare genetic disease that has caused her to lose muscle tissue in her arms and legs, making it difficult for her to pick up her son.


According to the Daily Mail, Sheree’s condition leaves her unable to perform basic tasks that many of us take for granted, such as picking up her child when he cries. She often has to wait for someone to assist her in lifting him up. Despite these challenges, Sheree remains a devoted and loving mother who is determined to provide the best possible care for her son.

Sheree Psaila has spent her life defying expectations despite being born with a rare genetic disease known as arthrogryposis multiplex congenital (AMC), which has left her without muscle tissue in her arms and legs. Her healthcare providers didn’t believe she would survive her first birthday, but Sheree’s resilience and determination have proven them wrong.


After undergoing 20 surgeries, doctors told Sheree that she would likely need to use a wheelchair for the rest of her life. However, she refused to accept that fate and has been overcoming the odds ever since.

Throughout her life, Sheree has faced many challenges, including bullies who tried to hold her back. But she refused to let them stop her from living her life to the fullest. While studying at university, she met her future husband, Chris, who also has a hereditary disease affecting the lower part of his spine.


Sheree and Chris got married in March 2015 and hoped to start a family. Sadly, Sheree suffered a miscarriage during their first attempt. Despite this, the couple didn’t give up and tried again. Sheree was informed by her doctors that she would probably never be able to have children, but they couldn’t give her a reason why.

Doctors believed it would take a miracle for Sheree to carry and give birth to a baby as she is only 122 cm tall. However, they were proven wrong when Sheree gave birth to a son via c-section after moving to Melbourne with Chris. The baby, named Hayden, weighed 2.5 kg at birth, which was a good weight considering the circumstances. Chris and Sheree were concerned about their child having disabilities or hereditary diseases, but Hayden was born healthy, which was a great relief.


Hayden is seen as a miracle, and Sheree deserves nothing less following her difficult journey. Although Chris and Sheree face more challenges than other parents, they have shown that love can overcome all obstacles.

Sheree faces a challenge when it comes to lifting her son, Hayden, due to her lack of muscles. However, she receives assistance from a caretaker who comes to help five days a week. Nonetheless, her partner Chris plays the most significant role in carrying out tasks that require lifting Hayden’s weight.

Sheree hopes to be able to do everything that Chris can with their son, especially during swimming sessions where she desires to hold him and participate fully. Despite the daily struggle, Sheree enjoys being a mother to her joyful and healthy son. She continues to pursue her dreams and study despite the limitations that come with her disabilities.